Our Services

Website & GUI Design:

J.W. Howard Design provides high-end website design to its clients by listening to our client’s preferences, examining current marketing strategies, and visualizing the client's potential user base, to help the client and us to build creative website concepts. These concepts are then transformed into visually appealing representations of our collective ideas. While designing these appealing website designs, we continue to keep in mind a common sense approach to the end user's ability to easily navigate and access pertinent information.

Website Development:

We develop solutions using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, JQuery, and Microsoft's Visual Basic Development language and .NET platform, which allows us to build custom web-based solutions for just about any need our clients can come up with. The .NET platform is not something that any developer can use to create a website for you. It is a robust software framework that provides us with an endless array of proven tools to create solutions for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization:

"SEO" is the most important "and yet overlooked" part of any website where the client is looking to obtain sales and or leads. If you could only use 20 words (keywords), and one sentence using those words to explain to a potential client what you do, what would they be? Those are the keywords, terms, and phrases that you need to market to search engines (google.com yahoo.com, bing.com). But it doesn’t stop there, a search engine "scores" your website based on the relevancy between what you are telling them you are marketing, and what the text content of your website is saying you are marketing. Every sentence, every paragraph, and every page of text on your website needs to be relevant to what you are marketing to search engines. The more relevancies you can create for a keyword or phrase, the higher you will appear in the search results for that keyword or phrase. We provide administrative tools to not only provide top relevancy between content and marketing terms, but to also dynamically update those terms when your content is updated so that it doesn’t become stale or outdated.

SQL Database Design:

Every dynamic or updatable website application we build is fed its content and data from a SQL Server Database backend. The SQL Server platform is perfectly matched to our .NET development platform and allows us to build a web-based data source for your website content, membership, product data, reporting, and other administrative needs.

Website & Email Hosting:

To provide a "one stop" shop for our clients we provide Microsoft based Web and Email hosting to our clients. This allows us to be in complete control of the web server tools that we require to build our projects for you, and relieves the need to contact yet another vendor each time a change needs to be made. Our hosting services also provide you with detailed statistics of your site, FTP access, and Web-Mail access.

Logo Design and Company Branding:

Our company was founded on our ability to design high quality graphics for our clients. Those same qualities apply to designing logos and branding for your company whether you are a new organization or looking for a fresh face. Our creativity and artistic ability allows us to once again be your one place for web and or print marketing materials.